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The Three Hafnia Pools

Hafnia operates a fleet of 176 vessels in its pools and covers all major product tanker segments. The pools are managed with the aim of maximising fleet utilisation and revenues, as well as managing a cyclical freight rate environment.

At the core of the pools’ performance is Hafnia’s highly specialised and dedicated chartering and commercial departments, responsible for the development, marketing and negotiation of all types of contracts for the product tanker vessels that the pools operate.

Hafnia’s chartering department commercially trades pool vessels in the spot market. All contracts are negotiated and secured by the pools under instructions and authority from the Pool Board and Hafnia’s Chief Executive Officer.


Functioning, structure and size

When employed in a pool, a vessel is part of a fleet of similar vessels, brought together by their owners in order to exploit efficiencies and benefit from a revenue sharing mechanism. The pool operator sources different cargo shipment contracts and directs the vessels in an efficient way to service these obligations.

Hafnia’s chartering department commercially trades pool vessels in the spot market

Functioning, Structure and Size

Pool Participants

The Handy Pool comprises 29 Handy vessels and has 8 pool participants. The MR Pool comprises 63 MR vessels and has 9 pool participants. The LR Pool comprises 78 LR vessels and has 17 pool participants.


Pool earnings

The earnings allocated to vessels are aggregated and divided on the basis of a pool points system, which reflects comparative voyage results on hypothetical benchmark routes. The pool points system is generally weighted by attributes such as size, fuel consumption, classification and other capabilities. Pool revenues are recognised when the vessel has participated in a pool during a given period and the amount of pool revenue for that period can be estimated reliably.

Hafnia receives pool management commission in the form of a fixed fee and a percentage of all net pool income arising from voyage charters, time charters and other charters.


Management of the pools

Each pool is managed by a pool board, comprising two representatives from each pool member. The pool board is the governing body for the pool, managing the responsibility for the overall strategic management of the pools.


Operation and bunkers

Hafnia’s operations department is responsible for managing the performance of Hafnia’s product tankers during their voyages. This includes each vessel’s compliance with the terms and conditions of the applicable charter party contracts and active management of voyage costs to optimise each vessel’s earnings. The Hafnia bunker department is responsible for competitive procurement of bunkers for the pools and third-party customers.


Strategy 2020

Hafnia seeks to remain as a market leader in pool management. Hafnia’s strategy is to increase its three pools with additional external vessels and the right pool partners and maintain its tailor-made approach to pool management.

Hafnia will embark on increased data driven analysis, competition tracking, strong collaboration and fuel efficiency. A focus area is also to consolidate the bunker department’s global position in the market by increasing volumes handled.

Finally, Hafnia is focusing on increasing the level of transactions where the pool can add value to its customers, work proactively with oil majors, build on the strong trading mentality, and increase short time charter in/out and freight forwarding activity.

Hafnia’s strategy for 2020 is to maintain its tailor-made approach to pool management

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